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Xiumin Fixation, also referred as XiuFix, was launched on November 10th, 2012. True to the slogan, “your Xiumin quick fix”, XiuFix was made to provide a one-stop Xiumin-related media and information for all of Xiumin’s fans all over the world. The logo itself represents the bond between Xiumin and us fans, along with XiuFix as the element that binds the two. We hope XiuFix can be a community for all of Xiumin’s fans in the world to spazz, chitchat, and collaborate in making something big for Xiumin, EXO, or even the world. We will keep developing the site for your convenience, so feedback and suggestions are highly welcome.


How to Explore

There are 4 main sections in which you will find your “fix”.


  • Excluxiufix. This is the place for you to find your exclusive fixes provided by us.
  • Still Xiumin. Need your picture fix? Here it is.
  • Moving Xiumin. You’ll find your Xiumin fix in video format here.
  • Xiumin Scream. 最后我怒吼 我狂弃 我回温 不想要世界变的冷! Do you understand this? No? Don’t worry we’ll help.



Xiumin Fixation is in no way affiliated with Xiumin, Exo, SM Entertainment, or any representations thereof. Contents posted here belong to their rightful owners as stated in the credits line in each post. Please read the credits line carefully and give proper credit when redistribution is allowed.

This non-profit site is run by fans and serves as a resource for the entertainment of Xiumin’s fans. No copyright infringement intended. Please contact the webmaster to let us know of any improper credit being given or to request a removal of your property that is not meant for redistribution before taking any legal action.


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