[REPORT] 26th Birthday Project: The Colorful World of Xiumin

On 2016/03/31 by magcy

Hello everyone! Did you guys celebrate Xiumin’s birthday happily? We sure hope you did! At this point in time, Xiumin Fixation’s 2016 birthday project for Xiumin entitled “The Colorful World of Xiumin” has come to an end! Here is our report for the birthday project!



January 18: Project Announcement
March 1: Production of books
March 18: Shipment to Philippines
March 29: Shipment to Australia and Netherlands
March 31: Books forwarded to an elementary school in Iloilo, Philippines



We have accumulated 17 orders for the coloring books + 4 for the fanartists who drew for our project = 20 books. As promised we produced twice the number of books as for the other half will go to an orphanage/school of choice.

All in all, we have produced 40 books in total. 17 books are for those who pre-ordered, 4 for the 4 fanartists who drew for us, and the remaining 20 are given to the orphanage of choice.



175USD – books
10USD – crayons
3USD – stickers
4USD – photocards
26USD – Philippines Shipping Fee
78USD – Netherlands and Australia Shipping Fee

Total: 296USD (All spending covered by Xiumin Fixation)



Bouncing Baozi – for organizing the PH group order
Kimberly Leach – Australia
Gaby Brandwijk – Netherlands

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